Your Teen
Today’s teens are getting less sleep than teens in the 1990s. What’s the impact and why is it happening? Find out in Hot Topics.
An acne gel has been linked to a rare but dangerous side effect. Find out which one in Hot Topics.
Can too many sodas lead to early menstruation in young girls? Find out what a new study says in Hot Topics.
What position does The American Academy of Pediatricians take on legalizing marijuana? Find out in Hot Topics.
Is your teen ready to drive? Find out why a newer car may save their life!
E-cigarettes are as addictive as tobacco cigarettes and more teens are drawn to them. Find out what a new study says about adolescent use in Hot Topics.
Is sexting the new “getting to first base”? Find out what a new study says about sexting and teens in Hot Topics.
Do you know the 4 dangerous trends kids are involved in these days? Learn what you should watch out for in Hot Topics
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Even college freshmen may ask for a little parental advice. Check out our tips for helping them make the big adjustment in Hot Topics.
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U.S. teen birth rates are the lowest in twenty years. What’s causing this downturn? Check out today’s Hot Topics.
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Does your teen suffer from persistent knee pain? Find out what new research says may be the best treatment in Hot Topics.
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What virus may be bugging your kids this summer?


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Why it's important to have your child's blood pressure checked.