Your Baby
Does your baby frequently spit up? Find out why and what you can do in Hot Topics.
A new procedure is making C-section births more family friendly. Find out how in Hot Topics.
13,000 Dream on Me 2-in-1 Bassinet to Cradle carriers have been recalled due to Fall and Suffocation Hazards. Find out which models in Hot Topics.
Is your infant sleeping on an IKEA mattress? Find out if it one of the 169,000 that have been recalled!
Half of U.S. parents are still using unsafe bedding for their infants. Find out what should and should not be in your baby’s bed in Hot Topics.
New evidence suggests that waiting 2 minutes after the birth of your baby to cut the umbilical cord, may offer your newborn more health benefits.
How long should mothers breast-feed? If you’re baby is at high-risk for obesity, the longer-the better according to a new study. Find out why in Hot Topics!
Does your baby have a cold? Find out why OTC medicines can be dangerous for infants and young children in Hot Topics.
Can you recognize the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome? A new study looks at the long-term outcomes of children with abusive head trauma.
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Switching from breast to bottle? Check out one mom’s personal story in today’s Hot Topics
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Are babies capable of learning before they are born? A new study looks at fetuses and whether they can recognize familiar words while in Utero.
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Do you own an Oeuf Sparrow baby crib? Check out Hot Topics to see if it’s one of the models being recalled.


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