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Feeding Your Baby

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Under the heading of “learning new things everyday” comes some information on feeding your infant. Have you heard of “paced bottle feeding?”  If you are a new mother and are breastfeeding and either supplementing your baby with formula or breast milk you may already be doing this……


There are many advantages and benefits to breastfeeding your baby, but not everyone is able to breast feed or desires to breast feed. While I am a huge advocate for breast feeding, I am also supportive of “ a mother’s right to choose” and have some patients who just prefer to bottle feed their baby with formula.  The most important issue is really about nutrition and healthy weight gain for a newborn…with either breast or bottle feeding. 


So…a new mother was telling me that she was using “paced feeding” for her baby. I admit I looked at her and said “what”?  It seems that this is a feeding method used when a breast fed infant takes a bottle. It is supposed to more closely mimic the sucking and swallowing pattern of an infant when they breast feed.


With paced feeding the infant is held in an upright position and the bottle is held horizontally and the baby is  paused after feeding every few minutes…which is what typically occurs during breast feeding.  This method also encourages the  caregiver to turn the baby from one side to the other midway through the feeding….again like a breast fed infant. This will encourage eye contact and changing the head and neck position of the infant during their bottle.


Paced feeding is also supposed to help the baby not over-eat. By pausing “you are letting the cues for being full reach the baby’s brain.”  Mothers have also told me “paced feeding will not stretch a baby’s stomach.” I am not sure that there is science supporting this…and I do feel that in general most babies will not overeat ….they pause and turn away from the bottle as they get full…whether you breast or bottle feed you will notice that your baby really “leads the feeding”. When parents try to “fill their baby up before bedtime” they almost seem to try and force feed the baby and typically that only leads to a cranky baby that might spit up as well….watch your baby’s cues.  Amount fed does not necessarily correlate with longer sleep!


Try this and see what you think….again, I don’t think there is truly one way to feed every baby as they are individuals too and you will figure out what works best for your own baby. I think most babies are “pacing themselves” even without you realizing it…



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