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Family Fun Activities During the School Break!


Once the excitement of opening presents and playing with new toys starts to wane, many parents may be looking for ways to keep the kiddos entertained during the school break; especially if the weather turns bad and kids are inside a lot.

Here are some fun family activity ideas from, to consider:

Baking! From toddlers to teenagers, kids love the mixing and the measuring, but most of all, they love the treats at the end. As you teach kids to bake, scale holiday baking projects to your kids’ abilities and ages. Baking can be kept simple such as cookies or cakes, but even a go at bread might surprise everyone with a banana or zucchini loaf!

TV Holiday specials! TV you say? Keeping your kids from watching too much TV over Christmas break is always a challenge. But TV isn't all bad if you watch together--especially today when all family members could be watching on separate devices! There are plenty of funny and poignant holiday movies and specials that the whole family can enjoy together.

Try a winter sport! If you’re in a part of the country where snow is prevalent, take the family for a winter outing. Skiing, sledding and snow tubing are great fun. Ice-skating is now available in more places than ever with ice rinks popping up during the holidays in towns across the country. Not only are these activities exhilarating, but they are a great way to burn off calories and take in some fresh air. If the weather is nice, hiking and bicycle riding are other fun “get moving” activities.

No snow or ice-rink available? Try an indoor sport! Roller-skating, swimming, basketball, Ping-Pong and pool are a few indoor activities to try over your holiday break. If there’s a roller rink nearby, then it’s easy enough to find a place to skate. Some kid-friendly restaurants and arcades have Ping-Pong and pool tables. 

Volunteering is great to do any time of the year, but during the holidays, there are so many opportunities to lend a helping a hand to others.

Celebrate your child’s creativity with art! Art is one of those wonderful activities that can be scaled to almost every age and ability level. And depending on the project, it can be done with or without adult supervision. So you can work at home while the kids create art or you can roll up your sleeves and get messy too. Art projects can become gifts for relatives or decorations for the house. Setting up a dedicated art space makes set up and clean up easier.

Take a trip to a museum.  Many museums and attractions count on Christmas break for a big surge of visitors; so don’t expect to be the only ones there. However, many attractions put on special programs for kids and/or offer discounts on admission at off-peak hours.

Read a book together. Even if you regularly read together, change things up a little during Christmas break. Choose something a little different from your ordinary reading material so it stands out as a holiday tradition. Maybe try a book of Christmas poems or a classic novel read in daily installments. And if reading together is not part of your routine the holiday season is a great opportunity to start.

Another fun idea is not only to read a book together – how about writing a book together? Well, maybe not a whole book, but a story! Children who are just beginning to talk can contribute to a group story. Older kids can write or illustrate. This is also an activity you can participate in or something you can have them work on without you if you are working.

And then there’s the old standard activity that has been part of many a treasured holiday memory- playing games together. Kids games run the gamut from old-fashioned Candyland to video games. But one thing that is universal is:  kids like it when the parents play. You can also try puzzles. These are available for just about every child’s age group.

How about a talent show? This is an activity with so many possibilities! And it's great for all ages, including the grown ups. If you're working, the kids might put together a show and perform for you later. Or, the whole family could show off their talents for visiting guests--lip-syncing and dancing to a favorite song or just singing a few carols. The show can be as elaborate or simple as you like.

Story source: Laureen Miles Brunelli,


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