Can you recite your spouse and your children’s cell phone numbers? Trying to remember 7 digits used to be easy but now I think our brains are losing the ability. I am finding more and more children who do not know their own home phone numbers (many don’t have a “home phone” to remember, there are just numerous cell phones at the house ).  One of the first things children used to memorize was their home phone number, it was a proud accomplishment for a 4-6 year old.  

Now that we have “smart phones” I think memorizing addresses and phone numbers is becoming a lost art.  Our brains are just not absorbing the numbers when all we have to do is push a name or say a command and the number is dialed.  Maybe not as smart as we think?

I guess the first question is: do you even have a home phone or do your kids call your cell phones?  Do they know your phone numbers by memory? Can they recite them to a teacher or a police officer if necessary?   I posed this question to several young parents this week, and they all kind of laughed and said, “you know I had not really thought about it”.

I see kids as young as 1-2 years using the iPad, also know as “my pad” and they use words such as “refresh”, “swipe”, “password” and “app”  so easily.  They can call their parents when they are just 12-18 months old by pushing the picture on the screen.....but do they ever know the number they are calling?  Do children still know about calling 911, or do they look for the icon of the police?

Keep teaching your children their phone numbers...they may need to call you at some time without having an “app for that”!