I am often reminded of how much I continue to learn from my patients, and their parents and the latest is related to new jargon. 

Just this week I learned two new words! I am not sure they are currently in Webster’s dictionary and they may not appear on the ACT or SAT exam, but nevertheless I am hearing them being used and think I may add them to my vocabulary. 

The first occurred during a conversation about a parental concern. Actually, the mother of the patient had brought her daughter to the office because her husband was worried about an issue with the child.  After discussing the symptoms and examining the child I reassured her that I thought everything was okay.  She breathed a sigh of relief and announced that she was going to tell her husband to “chill-lax”. I typically just say, “relax” it is all okay. But I think the combination of “chill-out, and relax” may be even better. 

The next new word is a great one for (us) parents, especially those with older children. I was talking to a patient of mine who is in college at one of the military academies. She is in her 3rd year and we were discussing some of the roles she is now assuming as an upper class man and leader.  She said that she is often, “voluntold” about an assignment.  In other words she did not totally volunteer for the job. 

She said they often ask for volunteers, but then they are also told what else will come with the job. I love this!  I think it is a great way to promote behaviors. How about using this for those chores around the house, you can be “voluntold” to not only set the table (which many children like to do)  but it also comes with clearing the table and loading the dishwasher.   A “twofer”. 

If you have some clever new words I need to keep adding to my vocabulary let me know - I feel so empowered and “with it”.