Our area was hit with a big ice storm over the weekend and the world suddenly stopped....well, not completely, but it certainly slowed down in our neck of the woods. I I grew up in the northeast and I am a pretty good snow driver but ice driving is a different story. I was on call...therefore on the roads and in the office.

While my pediatric office seems to stay busy throughout all seasons, and in both hot and cold weather, an ice storm really does do the best job of “stopping the day to day routine”.  Schools and offices were closed, but our pediatric office was open. That means we had a lot of cancellations, but I also had a lot of patients who managed to “slide” into the office for their check ups. 

The best story is about a 2 month old baby who had a 9:00 a.m. check up appointment (very coveted as I am not yet running late). His parents called me at 7:00 a.m. to say that they were coming as they wanted to get his immunizations done!  I have to say, my patients are fabulous and they believe in vaccines, even in inclement weather.   Well, they called a bit later and said they might be late, but still wanted to come, so I saw them in early afternoon.  Another good thing about bad weather....the office schedule is a bit more flexible and not “overbooked”.

Another fun aspect of a “snow day” is that I have the opportunity to see the entire family. Seeing that many other businesses and offices were closed I walked into exam rooms with moms, dads and siblings all gathered.  It is unusual for the entire family to get together for a “routine” visit to the doctor as in many families both parents work and are juggling schedules to get their child to their appointment.  I really enjoyed having both parents together during their child’s check up,  as you get to discuss all sorts of concerns from both mom, dad and even a few comments from siblings.  Seeing that the office was quieter as well meant more time to spend talking to a family....a real treat. No time crunch!

All in all it was a good time to work and slow down a bit. I managed to get to all of the hospitals for rounds without a mishap and all of the babies born during this ice event were healthy and had no idea what was going on outside. Blessings.