I’m doing a lot of check ups this summer and a lot of questions surrounding behavior.  I have had many a parent lately who keeps asking me, “what is wrong with my 2-3 year old, they used to be so sweet but they are driving me crazy!”  It is a statement that has been uttered by most parents at different times while dealing with toddlers and young children. As I have said before, this is typically NOT an easy stage, but it is so important in terms of child development, behavior modification and early discipline. It requires a great deal of PATIENCE as well. 

For most of the parents it is just a matter of being reassured that: 

  1.  Their child is not “possessed”

B.   They are not the only one going through this

C.   This too shall pass 

One of my fondest memories while dealing with my own children during these years was of a very cute book that I would read to them after a long day! They loved the book, as did I, as it is written for both a parent and child to enjoy. 

The book is entitled “Five Minutes Peace” by Jill Murphy.  I found my hardback copy (I haven’t saved much from my boys early childhood, but did keep a good book collection for future use) and opened it to find that it had an inscription.  It had been given to my oldest son

for his 3rd birthday. The inscription read, “have mommy read this to you and I bet she will enjoy it as much I hope you will”.  The mother who had brought it for a birthday gift had 3 children and her youngest was the same as age my oldest. She was a wonderful mother and she used to give me such sage advice.  This book kept me sane many a day and then I went on and bought several other books about The Large Family. They are all very special books. I recommend you get on Amazon and buy one and see for yourself. 

And guess what?  I am now taking care of this same mother’s 3 most adorable grandchildren and yes, they too have a copy of “Five Minutes Peace” for their mommy to read to them. 

That's your daily dose for today.  We'll chat again tomorrow.