I loved Thanksgiving and all of the multigenerational family time that we had. Not only did we have the blessing of having all 3 of our sons and our daughter in law for Thanksgiving, we had their 90 year old grandmother with us as well. What a treat.  

My office is typically busy right before holidays, especially with the onslaught of coughs and colds (thankfully no flu yet) and I have found myself talking to all of my patients and their families about their Thanksgiving. It is fun to hear what everyone had done and a good way to get kids to talk.  (Did they travel, what did they eat, what is their favorite Thanksgiving food).  It is also really interesting to talk about family traditions.  I was seeing a family this week, with their 3 children ages 9, 7,  and 4.  If you can believe it, their mother was a patient of mine when I first started into practice and she was a teenager.  She is a super mother, very hands on, common sense and grounded. Her kids are all adorable. They make being their pediatrician pretty darn easy. So, when I started asking about their Thanksgiving she brought up blessings. She said that this subject had just come up at their house because one of her elementary aged children had asked her if they “were rich?”. She said she answered by saying, “yes, we are rich in blessings”.  When they asked her what this meant she told them that they were “rich with family, friends, food and health”  and because of that they were “blessed”. When I asked the children about blessings they could all recite why they were blessed. They also added a few more blessings like their pets and teachers.  The conversation kept everyone engaged and talking.

 What a great way to start off December and the busy holiday season. Let’s all remember our blessings.