Last week was a really hard week for our entire country.  Thankfully we are starting off this week on an entirely different note, with Earth Day celebrations.  Today is the day that over one billion people around the world unite to “voice concerns for the planet, and to take action to protect it.”

The global theme for Earth Day 2013 is “The Face of Climate Change”, which is highlighting the impact of climate change on every person around the world. Not only are we seeing issues with global warming (the United States experienced the hottest year ever in 2012), but news stories continue to report massive weather events around the world. From super storms, to droughts in some parts of the world to flooding in others, international climate changes impact all of us.....and our children.

Earth Day activities are taking place in approximately 192 countries, making it “the largest civic observance in the world”.  What a great lesson to begin teaching our children!  While the challenge to save our environment is global, simple actions that we can take on a daily basis will be the start of initiating individual changes to save the planet for the next generations.

So, think of one thing you and your family can do today to impact environmental change.  Whether that is turning off lights and electronics when you leave home, walking to school rather than driving, beginning a recycling program in your larger projects within your community, every small contribution will lead to the greater good.

I know I have watched our country come together over the last week due to tragic events in both Boston, MA and West, TX. While we face many differences in beliefs within the United States, and worldwide, protecting the Earth is one challenge that knows no boundaries.  

Spend some time today discussing earth day, and model some “green” behavior for your child. The future of our children depends on this.