I can’t stop talking about coughs because that is all I hear every day!  It is truly a cacophony of coughing in my office, but I also hear coughing everywhere I go.  Not only is it cough and cold season but flu is here as well and those coughs just seem to shake the roof.

So, a clever little girl, who was just getting over the flu (she had not gotten her flu vaccine) was coughing in the exam room and her mother reminded her to cover her mouth.  The little girl immediately put her elbow over her mouth as she let out a huge cough. Remember too that coughing is a protective mechanism to move mucous and helps prevent pneumonias....so coughing is not “bad”. 

Right after she finished coughing she looked at me and said, “Dr. Sue, that is how your catch your cough!”  How smart! You are indeed catching the cough in your elbow so you don’t let anyone else “catch” it!  Once again, taught by my patients. And, growing up in the digital ag, they wanted me to take their picture and post it to teach everyone how to "catch"! So, here they are.

Cover your mouth and catch your cough in your elbow....the cough is one thing you don’t want to share this holiday season.

Get your flu vaccine too...it is not too late.