Your Toddler

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Need help figuring out how to discipline your toddler? We’ve got some helpful tips in today’s Hot Topics.

The liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes can be fatal in the hands of children. Find out why in Hot Topics.

Being shy doesn’t mean your toddler has developmental problems. Find out what a new study says in Hot Topics.

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Newborns and kids under 4 account for 85 percent of shopping cart injuries. Find out why in today's Hot Topics.

There's been an alarming increase in high chair injuries. Find out why and how you can keep your baby safe in today's Hot Topics.

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Having trouble getting your toddler to sleep at night? Find out what may be keeping your little one awake in today’s Hot Topics.

Is your toddler a messy eater? That's a good thing! Find out why in today's Hot Topics.

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Can sleep improve your child's brain development? More than you think! Find out how in Hot Topics.

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They’re popular, colorful, fun and possibly dangerous. The Step2® Whisper Ride Touring Wagons™, are being recalled due to a fall hazard.

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Want to help your toddler develop good language skills? Talk to him or her every day in greater detail! Find out more in Hot Topics.