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Think the water pipe went out with the sixties? These days your teen might disagree. Find out more in Hot Topics.

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Tips for having the "Don't ever smoke" conversation with your willful teen in today's Hot Topic.

Is your teen one of the 3 million high school students who smoke? Find out what the U.S. Surgeon General's latest report reveals in today's Kid's Dr. Hot Topic.

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Do team sports help kids not start smoking? And what motivates college kids to quit? Check out the answers in today's Kid'S Dr.'s Hot Topic.

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In some circles, K2 is the new marijuana. It's legal and sold in smoke shops. It is smoked and gives one a relaxed, happy feeling.

No matter how much control you exercise over your teen's TV and movie watching, they may still be receiving positive tobacco messages via the Internet.
Taking part in team sports lowers the odds of children smoking.
History was made at the end of last week when Congress voted to give final approval to The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
Smoking by mothers has replaced infants sleeping on their stomachs as the greatest modifiable risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.
Despite moves in many major cities to establish clean indoor air policies, 42 percent of American children are still exposed to secondhand smoke each week.