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Does your school proved kids recess? It may be more important than you think! Find out why in Hot Topics.

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Talking with your kids about traumatic events.

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New guidelines for a healthy school lunch.

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Now that all students are back in school, anxiety issues continue. If symptoms persist, talk with your pediatrician to ensure a wonderful school year.

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How to make the transition to school easy and with less anxiety.

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Can preschool help your child be better prepared as an adult? New results from a 25 year study says absolutely.
Viruses linger during end of school year and disrupt many events. Dr. Sue explains what parents can do to keep their kids healthy.
New guidelines by the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the governing body of Texas high school athletics, have been established for the 2011-2012 season...Under the new guidelines, no student-athlete that sustains a concussion will be allowed to return to play on the same day.
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Bullying isn’t just about emotional and physical taunts and pushes – it can lead to other serious health issues and also be an indicator of a dangerous home life.
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Can an extra hour of sleep help your teen driver safer?