1;15 to Watch | Parenting, school
Calming the back to school jitters.

How much is too much weight in your child's school backpack? Find out recommended weights and other safety tips in today's Hot Topics.

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Avoid the long lines and crowds by getting your child's pre-school immunizations taken care of now. You'll be glad you did when school-time rolls around!

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Does your school proved kids recess? It may be more important than you think! Find out why in Hot Topics.

1:30 to Read | Daily Dose, school, safety
Talking with your kids about traumatic events.

1:00 to Read | school, nutrition, Daily Dose
New guidelines for a healthy school lunch.

2:00 to Read | behavior, anxiety, school
Now that all students are back in school, anxiety issues continue. If symptoms persist, talk with your pediatrician to ensure a wonderful school year.

1:45 to Read | anxiety, school
How to make the transition to school easy and with less anxiety.

1:45 to Read | study, school, development, child
Can preschool help your child be better prepared as an adult? New results from a 25 year study says absolutely.
Viruses linger during end of school year and disrupt many events. Dr. Sue explains what parents can do to keep their kids healthy.