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A new study shows that physically fit kids out-perform out-of-shape kids in memory retention and other cognitive skills. Learn more in today's Hot Topics.

Kids whose parents are involved in their school and home life are better prepared for life's strange and wonderful journey. Find out more in today's Hot Topics.

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Calming the back to school jitters.

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Avoid the long lines and crowds by getting your child's pre-school immunizations taken care of now. You'll be glad you did when school-time rolls around!

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Does your school proved kids recess? It may be more important than you think! Find out why in Hot Topics.

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Talking with your kids about traumatic events.

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New guidelines for a healthy school lunch.

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Now that all students are back in school, anxiety issues continue. If symptoms persist, talk with your pediatrician to ensure a wonderful school year.

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How to make the transition to school easy and with less anxiety.