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1:15 to Read | summer, skin, Daily Dose
The best ways to treat your child's sunburn.

2:00 to Read | illness, Daily Dose, baby
Lots of discussion about using prebiotics and probiotics in your child's diet. What is the difference between the two?

1:15 to Read | summer, skin, rash, Daily Dose
What's that rash on your child's skin?

1:30 to Read | illness, Daily Dose, baby
How to treat jaundice in children.

1:15 to Read | food, Daily Dose, baby
What can your baby eat?

1:30 to Read | flu, Daily Dose, cold
Can essential oils boost your child's immune system and fend off colds and flu?

1:15 to Read | safety, Daily Dose, baby
A necklace on a baby can be dangerous. Why?

1:30 to Read | germs, Daily Dose
Are you a germaphobe? No need to worry so much.

1:15 to Read | obesity, food, Daily Dose
Does plate size equate to how much food a child will eat?

1:30 to Read | teen, safety, driving, Daily Dose
Don't hand over car keys to your teen unless they sign a contract.